The NBN Conference is taking place online on 18 November 2020. By participating in this event, you agree voluntarily to abide by this Code of Conduct.


The NBN Conference 2020 is being held in collaboration with The Open University (OU) and facilitated online via the OU’s Microsoft Teams. The NBN Trust and the OU are dedicated to providing a safe, hospitable, and productive environment for everyone participating in this conference, regardless of ethnicity, religion, professional status, disability, physical appearance, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. It is important to remember that a community where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is neither healthy nor productive. We ask that all participants make every effort to maintain constructive and civil discourse with other attendees at all times. This includes speakers honouring designated time limits, attendees being aware of balancing speaking and listening time, and especially welcoming attendees that are new to our community or early in their careers.

Harassment and Safety:

The Conference organisers prohibit intimidating, threatening, or harassing conduct during this conference. This policy applies to presenters, volunteers, and attendees. Conference participants violating these rules may be removed from the conference without warning or refund, at the discretion of the organisers.

To file a complaint or report an issue. If you are being harassed, would like to file a complaint, or have other concerns about the safety of participants, please do not hesitate to contact the Conference organisers at 

Additional Considerations:

As the Conference will be attended by over 200 delegates, the organisers request that instructions to mute microphones and turn off video cameras are followed by all attendees, when asked to do so, to ensure the optimum user experience and a collaborative working environment.

As the Conference is being recorded, by attending, you agree to be part of the recording. If you speak you may be heard on the recording and your image may be shown when your video is turned on.

The OU is not planning to use the recording, but as co-host is managing the recording on behalf of the NBN Trust. The OU will transfer the recordings to the NBN for sharing through its communication channels after the event.

As co-hosts, the NBN and OU are acting as joint data controllers and each organisation’s lawful basis for processing your personal data is based under use as a public task.

Privacy Notices

Read the Privacy Notices for each organisation:

NBN Trust

The Open University