The winners of the first ever UK Awards for Biological Recording and Information Sharing were announced at the Merchant Taylor’s Hall in York during an evening ceremony on Thursday 19 November 2015.

These awards have been developed by the National Biodiversity Network, the National Forum for Biological Recording and the Biological Records Centre. They will run annually and their intention is to recognise and celebrate the outstanding contributions made by adults and young people to biological recording, which is helping to improve our understanding of the UK’s wildlife.  This year they were sponsored by Swarovski Optik UK.

There are four award categories:

  • the Gilbert White youth award for terrestrial and freshwater wildlife
  • the Gilbert White adult award for terrestrial and freshwater wildlife
  • the David Robertson youth award for marine and coastal wildlife
  • the David Robertson adult award for marine and coastal wildlife

The winners in 2015

These are as follows:

Gilbert White youth award

James McCulloch
Information on James McCulloch

Due to the high standard of the nominees, the award committee also chose to give a runners up award to James Hammond.  James was unfortunately unable to attend the ceremony.

Information on James Hammond

Gilbert White adult award

Ian Evans and the late Pat Evans
Information on Ian and Pat Evans

Ro Scott, chair of the Highland Biological Recording Group, accepted the award on Ian’s behalf.

David Robertson youth award

Callum Ullman-Smith
Information on Callum Ullman Smith

David Robertson adult award

David Fenwick
Information on David Fenwick

In 2015, the awards committee also chose to give:

National Biodiversity Network Special Award

Nigel Jee
Information on Nigel Jee

Nic Jee accepted the award on his father’s behalf.

John Sawyer NBN Open Data award

The Mammal Society
Information on The Mammal Society Mammal Society Chair, Fiona Matthews accepted this award

Professor Michael Hassell, Chairman of the National Biodiversity Network said:
“The painstaking work that individual and groups of biological recorders undertake over many years is all too often not publicly recognised.  We wanted to correct that, and celebrate the outstanding contributions that British biological recorders have made to improving our understanding of wildlife in the UK.”

Peter Antoniou, Country Manager, UK & Rep of Ireland of Swarovski Optik UK said:
“Swarovski Optik UK is very proud to be sponsoring these awards.  Our brand embodies superior precision and uncompromising quality, which are characteristics that the best biological recorders share.  Our products help make observing nature a joy, allowing people to see the unseen.”

The marine and coastal awards are sponsored by Cameras Underwater and by the One Stop Nature Shop.

From left: Nic Jee, Ro Scott, Michael Hassell, Callum Ullman Smith, Earl Selborne, James McCulloch, David Fenwick, Fiona Matthews

James, Ro Scott (on behalf of Ian & pat Evans, and Callum
James, Ro Scott (on behalf of Ian & Pat Evans), and Callum
James and Earl Selborne
James and Earl Selborne
Callum and Michael Hassell
Callum and Michael Hassell
Ian and Pat Evans
Ian and Pat Evans