The Climate Emergency Hackathon

Valtech UK 46 Colebrooke Row London N1 8AF
Friday 31 January 2020, 08:30
Saturday 1 February 2020, 20:00

The UK needs to get a better handle on how it deals with carbon in order to decarbonise, recarbonise and effectively evaluate the impact of carbon on the environment. Energy is just one of the sectors that requires modernisation and innovation to enable a greener and sustainable future. Utilising data across all sectors, enabling data to be open, discoverable and easily linked is key to helping us reach our goal of net zero by 2050.

Following on from Valtech’s ‘Sustainability and the Climate Change Emergency’ event in October 2019, the aim of ‘The Climate Emergency Hackathon’ is to collate data across industries to start to answer big questions such as;

  • How would we decarbonise the UK within 5 years?
  • What is the best approach to cultural change?
  • How can we monitor our impact on biodiversity?

This two-day event is open to people of all disciplines, Creatives, UX/UI/UR, Developers, BAs, Data Engineers, Data Scientists etc. as well as people with industry knowledge who are interested in working within a team to utilise technology and data to contribute towards solving the climate emergency. All attendees will be split into self-contained project teams which will then work through a range of tasks to develop a data-driven solution.

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Valtech UK 46 Colebrooke Row London N1 8AF

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