Integrating and analysing multiple datasets

University of Manchester
Thursday 12 September 2019, 10:00
Friday 13 September 2019, 15:30

This course, jointly organised by the UK Data Service and National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), will introduce participants to the complexities of analysing data from multiple sources. It will cover issues of data quality, cleaning, derivation and linkage.

The increasing availability of data on all aspects of modern life – whether such data be open, archived or proprietary – has started to open up the possibility of drawing on multiple datasets to solve analytical problems.

Getting to know the data available is a fundamental step in data analysis. Not only does it allow us to know what they contain, their scope and shape, but also provides insights about the quality, format and other potential issues that affect the usability of the data. This is especially important when working with data from different sources, where inconsistencies between the different sources are more prone to occur, presenting problems with merging or linking the datasets together.

The workshop will enable participants to:

  • Produce data descriptions and summaries to understand the data
  • Use statistical tools to clean and manipulate data
  • Integrate relational data
  • Identify and handle missing data
  • Visualise data and explore patterns
  • Improve their interdisciplinary team working skills


  • UK registered postgraduate students £60.00
  • Staff at UK academic institutions, ESRC-funded researchers, and registered charity organisations £120.00
  • All other participants £440.00

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