Asian Hornet Week

Monday 6 September 2021, 08:00
Friday 10 September 2021, 20:00
6 – 10 September is the British Beekeepers’ Association’s (BBKA) annual Asian Hornet Week.

The Association is asking everyone to be vigilant in looking out for this alien species, the Asian Hornet, Vespa velutina. This hornet could decimate our pollinators including our honey bees, so it is important to have everyone actively looking for it.

Follow the BBKA on social media and share the Asian hornet week posts to help raise awareness


Autumn is the time for trapping as wasps and hornets lose their sources of floral nectar and find hives full of honey very attractive. The BBKA is asking beekeepers to put an hour aside every day to watch for hornets hawking their hives during Asian Hornet Week.

The GB Non-Native Species Secretariat has free materials to help with identification on the GBNNSP website.
Ideally Asian hornet sightings should be sent in via the Asian Hornet Watch app or the online recording form using the links below:

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