Tick Recording Scheme

The main aims of the recording scheme are to: promote the surveillance of ticks in Great Britain monitor tick distribution and seasonality on a nationwide scale determine the diversity of ticks infesting humans and animals detect exotic or unusual tick species

Towns and Gardens
UK wide
UK wide
Public Health England (PHE) 
Maaike Pietzsch and Jolyon Medlock
How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year

How to get involved

Individuals and groups are invited to assist in the development of tick distributions by sending in any ticks collected, along with details of:

date of collection
specific location (grid reference)
general location (nearest town or village)
host from which tick was collected (for example, human or dog)
contact details (for the person sending in the sample)
If more than 1 tick is collected from different hosts or locations please place these in separate containers. Ticks collected from the same host on the same day may be sent in 1 container.

To prevent deterioration of the ticks, place them in a fridge or cool, dark place and post as soon as possible.

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