Tachinid Recording Scheme

The UK Tachinid Recording Scheme is a non profit-making, volunteer-run organisation, founded in 2000 by Chris Raper & Matt Smith. Primarily we receive records and coordinate the recording effort for the Diptera family Tachinidae but we also provide encouragement and support for anyone who wants to study tachinids, through this website and via regular tachinid identification workshops, hosted by the BENHS.

Tachinid flies 
British Isles
British Isles

How to get involved

The recording scheme accepts any records of Tachinidae seen in the British Isles – that is: Great Britain & Northern Ireland, Ireland & the Channel Isles.

As a minimum a record must include:

Species name
Date of sighting
Location name
Ordnance Survey map reference (or a post-code at a pinch)
Recorder’s name

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