Shark Trust- The Great Eggcase Hunt Project

The Great Eggcase Hunt was established in 2003 and has been engaging the public in hunting for spent shark, skate and ray eggcases along the UK coastline ever since. Thanks to our supporters, we now have an extensive and ever expanding database of eggcase records, which continues to provide us with crucial information about the distribution of British sharks, skates and rays.

Shark, skate and ray eggcases
Coastal, Marine.
British Isles
British Isles
Shark Trust
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How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year

How to get involved

Submit via online form/ via app Once you have found an eggcase you can use our Eggcase ID Guide to identify which species you have found. Sometimes they are easier to identify once they have been soaked – put them in water (tap water is fine) for a couple of hours and see how they have rehydrated.
Record your eggcases online – please attach a photo against a scale (ruler/2p coin), as it’s important that we can verify your records.
If you’re unsure of what you have found you can always email us a picture or send your eggcases to the Shark Trust office, so we can help you identify the species before you submit it.

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