Shark Trust- Angler Recording Project

To better understand and manage shark, skate and ray fisheries we need to know as much as possible about their populations and movements. Anglers are uniquely placed to record this information and in 2010 the Shark Trust initiated a pilot project in the Southwest of England asking anglers to record all sharks, skates and rays they catch. In 2014, the Angler Recording Project is now extending throughout the entire UK. For sharks this covers everything from Porbeagle and Blue Sharks to the humble Bullhuss (also known Nursehound). And for skates and rays, everything from the Common Skate to the more diminutive Cuckoo Rays, as well as rarer visitors such as stingrays and electric rays.

Includes sharks, skates and rays
Marine Fish
UK wide
UK wide
Shark Trust
Funding body:
Heritage Lottery Fund
Online form
How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year

How to get involved

The Shark Trust has produced a free Shark, Skate and Ray ID Guide, as well as a Pocket Guide and CD-ROM – and a wide range of additional leaflets and posters. If you’d like to get involved, contact the Shark Trust for free copies of these materials, or download them from the website. You can also record your catch using our online recording form.

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