Porcupine Marine Natural History Society Recording Scheme

The PMNHS has run a recording scheme for its members and any other interested parties, since its inception in 1976. The main rationale behind the scheme comes from: the interest of society members in marine biogeography and species ecology; the recognition that knowledge of species distributions is often very poor; and that many important records are lost because most existing recording schemes do not cater for the collation of informal records.

Marine species
All marine species
Coastal and Marine
British Isles
Particularly in the North East Atlantic region and the Mediterranean Sea.
Porcupine Marine Natural History Society
Funding body:
Contact details available
How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year.

How to get involved

Instructions for completing the recording form are found here; http://pmnhs.co.uk/found-something-unusual

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