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Stag beetles are one of the most spectacular looking insects in Britain, named because the male’s large jaws look just like the antlers of a stag. As well as being one of the largest, they are sadly one of our rarer beetles. Stage beetles population size in the UK is greatly unknown.

Stag beetle (an endangered species of beetle that has become extinct in many parts of the UK)
Woodland, Farmland, Grassland, Towns and Gardens, Plantations and Orchard
UK wide
UK wide
People's trust for endangered species
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Sightings can be submitted all year

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Add your stag beetle sightings to our annual Great Stag Hunt
You can also create and record a log pile home for stag beetles. It is vital we keep track of our wildlife so that we can take action if they begin to decline. If you see a stag beetle, please log your sighting on our Great Stag Hunt page. You will need to record the time, date and location and you will be able to upload a photograph if you have one. Their strong hold is in the south of England but please do let us know if you see them anywhere else in the UK.

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