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Hedgehog Street is a campaign aimed at ensuring the hedgehog, the UK’s only spiny mammal, remains a common and familiar part of British life. We know hedgehogs are in trouble. We’ve lost a third of all our hedgehogs in ten years. Fortunately, hedgehogs love gardens, and there are around half a million hectares of garden in the UK. We know what hedgehogs need to survive in gardens.

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UK Wide
People's trust for endangered species and British Hedgehog Preservation Society
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How to get involved

How to get involved: Three simple ways you can help.
1) Do something simple that will make a real difference for hedgehogs.
Pledge to make a hole in your garden fence or wall, then once you’ve done it come and map it on Hedgehog Street.
2) Register on Hedgehog Street and become a ‘Hedgehog Champion’.
You can then access loads of free resources that will help you tell your neighbours and friends about hedgehogs, why they are in trouble and what we can all do to help. Over thirty thousand people have already joined us.
3) Donate to Hedgehog Street.
Hedgehog Street is run by a small, committed group of staff, but it is part of a much wider conservation project aimed at helping our wild hedgehogs. We rely on donations to support this work. Help us fight for hedgehogs.

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