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Mammals are difficult to record, resulting in patchy, out of date information and a lack of current data to tell us where mammals are or how well they’re doing, which hinders conservation progress. The National Mammal Atlas Project (NMAP) aims to produce the first atlas in over 20 years to present vital new baseline distribution data, which will be continually updated through ongoing monitoring.

All wild mammals included escaped mammals from private collections.
British Isles
British Isles
The Mammal Society, Tracking Mammals Partnership, Biological Records Centre and Joint Nature Conservation Committee.
How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year

How to get involved

We need YOU to submit records whenever you see a mammal or their signs to fill the gaps on our maps! All your records will come through to The Mammal Society’s own NMAP dataset which contributes to the wider information available. Submit records wherever you are with our new NATIONAL free app Mammal Tracker, funded by HLF as part of our MaWSE project

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