Gelechiid Recording Scheme

The Gelechiid Recording Scheme covers the 161 species in the family Gelechiidae (comprising 54 genera) recorded in the British Isles. It also, following common practise within recently published books, includes species recorded from the Channel Islands. The aims of the Scheme are: to encourage interest in, and recording of, gelechiid moths to produce provisional species distribution maps at 10km level or better to increase knowledge of this family’s ecology and status to aid their conservation to highlight areas where further research is needed

Gelechiid moths
Coastal, Grassland, Heathland, Uplands
British Isles
British Isles
Gelechiid Recording Scheme
Stephen and Carolyn Palmer

How to get involved

Submitting Records
This scheme promotes the use of the County/Vice County Moth Recorder (CMR) system and contributors are requested to send records via this route whenever possible. A full list of CMRs can be found by following the link to County Recorders. If you experience difficulties submitting data to the Scheme via this route please send your records direct (see Contact Us) in any of the formats mentioned below. The scheme organisers will, where possible, repatriate data to the relevant CMR. See more-

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