Freshwater Habitats Trust- Pond Net

PondNet is an exciting new national volunteer survey to collect information about trends in pond quality and pond species, including rare plants and animals. PondNet is the first habitat-based volunteer survey network of its kind. It aims to provide much-needed information about the condition of ponds and the species they support.

Pond species ranging from newts, water beetles and reeds.
Variety of survey categories
Farmland, Grassland, Heathland, Towns and Gardens, Wetland, streams and rivers.
UK Wide
UK Wide
Freshwater Habitats Trust
Funding body:
Heritage Lottery Funded
General Enquires
How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year.

How to get involved

When you volunteer with PondNet you can choose which site(s) you would like to adopt from a randomly selected network; and choose which wildlife group you’d like to survey, depending on time availability and experience. The project arranges all landowner permissions for sites in the random network.

Alternatively, you can select your own site to survey if you can sort-out the landowner permissions. These extra sites form the Extended Network and add value to the random PondNet network, enabling us to answer important new questions.

Join in…
Have a look at our interactive data portal WaterNet to adopt sites, enter records, or view and analyse data. Use PondNet’s standardised recording forms and training guides to help with your surveys. Access link to see find out more

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