Earthworm Society of Britain

The Earthworm Society of Great Britain and Northern Ireland aims to promote and support scientific research so that earthworms and their environment can be better understood. Through its work the society aims to encourage the conservation of earthworms and their habitats and to educate and inspire people so that these fascinating creatures may continue to be enjoyed in the future.

Earth worms
Farmland, Grassland, Heathland, Towns and gardens, Plantation and Orchard, Upland and Woodland
Earth Worm Society of Britain
Keiron Derek Brown
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Sightings can be submitted all year

How to get involved

Anyone can submit records of earthworms to the recording scheme by going out and looking for earthworms in your local area and telling us what you find. This will allow us to build up a picture of the distribution of earthworm species in the UK. We already have some data, but there are huge gaps in sampling across the country. The Earthworm Society of Britain runs field meetings which members can attend so you can learn how sample earthworms and identify which species you have discovered.

There are 2 methods for submitting records to the National Earthworm Recording Scheme:

1) You can submit your records through the ESB’s Earthworm Survey iRecord form.

2) You can email your records to using the Earthworm Records Submission Sheet.

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