NBN Atlas Data Manager

Email: s.ratcliffe@nbn.org.uk

Role at the NBN Trust

Sophia takes the lead on liaising with the NBN’s Data Partners and users to help them understand how to prepare and contribute their information to and how to use the data on the NBN Atlas. She also helps organisations evaluate how to use the NBN Atlas and integrate it with their own working practices. The main focus is on the voluntary sector bodies engaging with the NBN.

Core work responsibilities

  • Loading data and metadata from collectors and custodians with relevant checking
  • Providing our Network partners with assistance in formatting their data and metadata for submission to the NBN Atlas
  • Assisting Network Partners in the use of NBN Atlas web services
  • Dealing with feedback and issues raised by NBN Atlas users
  • Providing advice to the NBN’s Data Partners on technical issues
  • Providing support for the wider work of the NBN Secretariat as required

About Sophia

After completing my PhD. on competition and coexistence in annual plant communities, I spent several years as a database and software developer. Five years ago I moved back into academia working, partly, as the data manager for a European-wide project investigating the importance of biodiversity in European forests. I have worked as an ecologist doing Phase One habitat surveys and volunteered as a biological recorder for my local Wildlife Trust.

NBN publications

Beebee, T. & Ratcliffe, S. (2018) Inferring status changes of three widespread British reptiles from NBN Atlas records. The Herpetological Bulletin. 143 p18-22 (Article Issue)