Caroline Van Dierkson

NBN Atlas Project Manager

Tel: 0115 857 7696

Role at the NBN

Project Manager for the NBN Atlas technical development

Core work responsibilities

  • Working with stakeholders, data providers and users to elicit, capture, analyse, refine, communicate and document their requirements
  • Providing support to the developers in the definition of technical solutions
  • Defining Customer Journeys and producing wireframes and prototypes
  • Representing the technical team in communication with stakeholders and users about the project delivery
  • Representing the customer in support of the delivery teams throughout the project
  • Validating that the functional and non-functional requirements are appropriately implemented within the solution

About Caroline

From an early age I had a keen interest in the great outdoors and during long family walks in Somerset and Devon I would be often found sketching the diverse nature found in woods and meadows. After completing my formal education, I took additional courses in Science, Social Sciences, Creative Writing and Design. A few years later I took a completely different direction and embarked on a career in the finance sector. It was at that point my interest in project management was sparked and I took additional qualifications in PRINCE2 and Six Sigma.

Over the last eight years I have worked for several private sector companies specialising in a range of projects varying from back office migrations, implementing IT platform solutions, websites, SEO improvements, robotic automations and process re-engineering solutions. Combining the skills I’ve acquired over the years, I am now using them within an organisation who has the same passion for nature as I do.

I moved to Limpley Stoke, a small village just outside of Bath a couple of years ago that has stunning countryside to explore, and I volunteer at the local city farm helping with the pygmy goats and rabbits. I have also spent time with members of Bathscape looking for suitable locations to encourage and reintroduce rare butterflies and I assisted a local ecologist in the Bath City Nature Challenge.