Natalie Prosser will be delivering the Sir John Burnett Memorial Lecture.

“Tackling the biodiversity crisis through effective environmental governance – the role and work of the OEP”

Abstract: We are one of the most nature-depleted countries in the world. Urgent action is needed to turn things around. The Government has a clear ambition to leave the environment in a better state for future generations, and a new approach to environmental governance is now in place to help achieve that aim. The Office for Environmental Protection is a key part of that new approach. Set up to hold Government and other public authorities to account against environmental laws and commitments, CEO Natalie Prosser will explain how the organisation is seeking to ensure its work makes a unique and valuable contribution to tackling the biodiversity crisis and protecting and improving the environment.

Natalie is CEO of The Office for Environmental Protection (OEP), a public body that protects and improves the environment by holding government and other public authorities to account.

She is a solicitor by background, with fifteen years in government, specialising in public and regulatory law, regulatory operations and governance. Her previous roles include General Counsel at the Gambling Commission, Director of Operations, Vocational and Technical Qualifications and Director of Legal at Ofqual and regulatory and policy lead on the Independent Farm Inspection and Regulation Review.

Natalie Prosser

The OEP’s X / Twitter handle is @OfficeforEP

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