My first conference!
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Blog written by Laura Turner, a Biology Masters student at the University of Sheffield. Meeting the people protecting our wildlife: … Continued

CJS turns 25!
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Blog written by Kerryn Humphreys, CJS Editor The first edition of Countryside Jobs Service, which later became CJS Weekly, was … Continued

Picturing the future
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Blog written by Rachel Tierney, SBIF Development Officer How do the 24 recommendations set out in the SBIF Review fit … Continued

We’ve come a long way together
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Blog written by Jo Judge, CEO NBN Trust. There is a long and rich history of biological recording in the … Continued

Old specimens, new life
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Blog written by Dr Nick Fraser, Head of Department of Natural Sciences at National Museums Scotland. With an estimated accumulated … Continued

From pipe dream to data flow
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Blog written by Craig Macadam, Conservation Director at Buglife. As a child I was fascinated by wildlife. Growing up in … Continued

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence
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Blog written by Paul Sterry, Wildlife Author and Photographer I live in north Hampshire, in a Parish that is rich in … Continued

Nature for all
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Blog written by Tom Sheppard. It can be difficult to explain elements of the work I do within the ecology … Continued

QGIS – is there something missing?
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The Field Studies Council is conducting an online consultation on the FSC QGIS Plugin which will be of interest to … Continued

Opening up our data
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Scotland’s environment web is working with partners including NBN Atlas Scotland, to mobilise environmental data, extending its reach and influence … Continued