For over 13 years, to help with the recording of accurate biological data, the NBN Secretariat has supplied Ordnance Survey map tiles for use within Recorder.

These have enabled users to store and manage biological data by visually pin pointing sightings, as opposed to entering eight figure grid references.

The map tiles are on a set of five CD’s which contains all 812 map tiles covering England, Scotland and Wales in areas of 20 by 20 km. The licence has been agreed for use only within Recorder software and because of this each tile is encrypted in such a way as to prevent their use in any other software, including Geographic Information System (GIS) packages. Encryption keys are available from the NBN Secretariat to registered users of Recorder, however, the software for producing the encryption keys is becoming increasingly out of date and unstable, making the continued provision of the keys uncertain.

As an alternative, digital maps of Britain are now available freely from the Ordnance Survey website and we would recommend that you use these maps, or other alternatives, as far as possible.