This page will guide you through the process of administering your data on the NBN Gateway.

What does administering data on the NBN Gateway mean?

The NBN Gateway is a data exchange tool. By providing a copy of your data to the NBN Gateway, you retain ownership of these data and will need to ensure they are kept up to date.  You can manage the level of access people have to your data via the NBN Gateway Access Controls.

You can also add and edit descriptions to give context to your data, the dataset metadata.

Setting a dataset administrator

Each dataset requires an administrator to monitor and action access requests for your dataset.

You can change the dataset adminstrator at any time throughout your account on the NBN Gateway (found in the top right hand corner)

What does it involve?

Once your data are available on the NBN Gateway the dataset administrator will now be able to set access levels for specific individuals and groups, as well as alter public access.

If public access to your dataset is restricted, registered users will be able to apply for better access.

Requests for better access are sent directly to the dataset administrator by email. We would like you to approve or refuse requests as quickly as possible using the administration tools on the Gateway. We may issue reminders to you once a request is more than 20 days old. The dataset administrator can use the online tools to appoint other individuals as fellow administrators. This may help share the task of administration and cover periods of leave.

Data Licenses

The NBN Gateway allows for four types of data licenses to be assigned to a dataset

Each dataset will be assigned a creative commons licence, chosen by the contributing data partner. This licence will outline under what circumstances the data can be used. The type of data licence assigned can be found in the dataset metadata and within any data download.

The available data licences are CC0, CC-BY, CC-BY-NC, and OGL.

  • CC0: ‘No rights reserved’ licence. All data is in the public domain
  • CC-BY: This license allows others to use data, even commercially, as long as the original data creator is credited.
  • CC-BY-NC:This license allows others to use data only for non-commercial purposes. The original data creator must be credited.
  • OGL: Open government licence.

You can assign a dataset with a license at the bottom of the dataset metadata page.