Network News – February 2021

View Network News February 2021.

In this issue:

  • Jo Judge’s “Farewell and thank you!”

  • Recruiting new Trustees for the NBN Trust

  • Introducing iNaturalist for the UK

  • Full Stack Developer vacancy

  • SBIF project update

  • Have your say in the UK’s largest data community study

  • NBN Atlas data processing schedule

  • Four more of the 20 most popular datasets on the
    NBN Atlas

  • BBC Winterwatch  and the NBN Atlas Comma map

  • Sir Charles Burrell receives his medal

  • Fundraising Marketing Officer – Field Studies Council

  • Butterfly Conservation awarded Green Recovery grant

  • Soaring invertebrate life at Three Hagges Woodmeadow

  • UK Water Pipit project

  • Connecting People, Nature, and Food

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