Save The House Sparrows

The grassroots conservation project conserving Britain’s House Sparrows.


Save The House Sparrows overview

My name’s Harry, I’m 18, and manage my grassroots conservation project Save The House Sparrows.

Living next to Portsmouth, the 2nd most densely populated city in Britain, it was clear many urban wildlife lovers didn’t have the luxury of scarce/wild species of exotic locations. Spoonbills and Eagles, though stunning creatures, aren’t “available” to see and conserve unless you chance at living near some or have the time and money to travel. More emphasis and interest for the everyday species was needed. Those everyone could watch and conserve, from rural Scottish farmers to inner-city Londoners.

House Sparrows are perfect! They’re the most widely distributed bird on Earth, but at the same time a species we lost over 20million of in Britain over recent decades, with urban populations suffering especially.

The project’s focus is advocating this message and how everyday people can conserve House Sparrows (installing birdboxes, Sparrow-friendly gardening, etc.) through magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and events. Myself (plus some suitably bribed friends!) also liaise with other conservationists to practically conserve House Sparrows, by managing urban green spaces, upcycling waste timber into nestboxes, and fighting local pollution. You can find out more by visiting the website.


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