Still on! City Nature Challenge 2020 – 24 April – 3 May

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Friday 24 April 2020, 00:01
Monday 27 April 2020, 11:59

Take part at home!

A number of urban areas across the UK will be participating in the City Nature Challenge 2020. This is an international event to promote wildlife recording and engage the public with wildlife in their urban area. Started in 2016 in the US it quickly gained popularity and UK cities have been participating since 2018.

The event takes place in two parts.

Between Friday 24 and Monday 27 April as many people as possible will be asked to record the wildlife they see around them. This should be anything that is living and ‘wild’ including grasses, flowers, plants, trees, mosses, lichens, fungi, insects, spiders, beetles, amphibians, birds and mammals. It can also include evidence e.g. footprints, scat, nests

In the second part between Tuesday 28 April and Sunday 3 May all these sightings need to be verified so that they can be included in the tally. This can be done online at home so anyone across the UK can be involved in confirming these wildlife sightings.

For 2020 the event will no longer be a competition but a global collaboration of urban wildlife. Participants are being encouraged to record wildlife in their own gardens or in a local area if they are able to have an opportunity for a walk. There will still need to be help to identify the sightings.

Please remember to follow NHS guidelines around staying safe.

Click on the links of any of the cities to find out more.

The UK cities / areas taking part this year are

In 2019 7 UK cities took part and identified over 6000 species from 45,753 observations made by 1084 species.


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