Amphibian & Reptile Conservation: Add an adder

This is a project being run by Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (ARC) aiming to collect information about the adder across Britain. We are looking at both new and old records, observations and anecdotes that help us understand where adders are and where they have been in the past.

Adders in Britain including the Black Adder
Grassland, Woodland,
UK wide
UK wide
Amphibian & Reptile Conservation (ARC)
Funding body:
Sponsored by Princecroft Willis
General Enquires
How to take part:
Sightings can be submitted all year

How to get involved

How can I get involved?
You can help by telling us where you have seen adders or where other people have told you they have seen them.

Any information about places where adders have been reported could be useful, even if you are not entirely sure whether the animal seen was definitely an adder.

If you know of anybody who may have either recent or past local knowledge about this animal please ask them to contribute to this survey either by telling you or by visiting this site themselves.

We would also be interested to know about areas where adders were once found but have since disappeared.

This project is only available online. If you would like to contribute please click here or hit the ‘Enter Records’ button on the home page for the online recording form.

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