C.Johnston April 16

NBN Atlas Project Officer

Tel: 07342 254589
Email: c.johnston@nbn.org.uk
Twitter: @mapmaker10

Role at the NBN

Christine’s role is to collaborate with the NBN Atlas development team on specific development projects. In particular, she has responsibility for developing spatial content such as the ecosystem and habitat data within the NBN Atlas, along with providing general content development support. In addition she supports and engages with biodiversity data collectors / collators to make the content of the NBN Atlas as complete as possible.

Core work responsibilities

  • Develop and implement a programme of work to source ecosystem and habitat data for the NBN Atlas
  • Review and develop the content of the NBN Atlas to meet agreed needs of the data community
  • Develop the content of the NBN Atlas spatial portal such that it is appropriate for its capabilities and planned use
  • Source and upload spatial datasets and edit the metadata interface
  • Liaise with all sectors of the biodiversity data community to understand their requirements for and use of the NBN Atlas
  • Additional liaison with key NBN Atlas Scotland stakeholders via the NBN Atlas Scotland Steering Group

About Christine

Graduating from Glasgow University with a BSc in Geography and a Postgraduate Diploma in Cartography, I initially worked for several map publishers in southern England before returning to Scotland to work as Cartographic Editor on the Times Comprehensive Atlas for Bartholomew in Edinburgh. When Bartholomew moved to Glasgow, I left and set up my own freelance business working primarily on travel guides and atlases. Later I worked as an Editor for Letts, the diary publisher, and then as a Publishing Project Manager for Elsevier.

Following redundancy in 2009 I returned to full-time education, graduating in 2010 with an MSc in Geographical Information Science from Edinburgh University. I started volunteering at The Wildlife Information Centre (TWIC), my local environmental records centre, in 2011 and in 2012 was employed by TWIC as part-time Data Processor, working with both species and habitat data. In 2013 I became Co-ordinator of the Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum, also based at TWIC, a role that transferred to the NBN Trust in 2016 becoming the NBN’s Scottish Liaison Officer. In 2019 I accepted the role of NBN Atlas Project Officer, with specific responsibility for spatial data.

In my spare time I like to get out walking or cycling, and to spend time in my garden. I also enjoy working with willow and manage my own small willow bed. For several years I have volunteered with different local conservation groups, through which my interest in and knowledge of recording and biodiversity has developed.


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