Administration Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0171

Role at the NBN

To assist with the smooth running of the HR, business and office functions of the NBN Trust..

Core work responsibilities

  • To manage the running of the Secretariat office including managing maintenance requests, liaising with the landlord, dealing with health and safety matters such as keeping staff policies, risk assessments and fire checklists up to date.
  • To prepare and circulate any relevant papers for the Board of Trustees, Finance and Management Committee and Stakeholder groups and to manage the documents produced by the Trust.
  • To lead on arranging meetings such as Trustee, Stakeholder, workshops, staff to include arranging dates, venue, catering, accommodation and travel and invitations.
  • To manage all insurance policies for the Trust
  • To assist with GDPR compliance
  • To issue membership renewal reminders when required and within specified time periods
  • To assist with general queries

About Katie

As a little girl, I was obsessed with animals and wildlife.  I often lined worms up on the arm of the settee so that they could watch the T.V. with me!  After school, I worked in a bank for a few years and then took some time out to travel around Australasia, where I was bitten by a spider!  Not put off, I decided to commence university and gained a BSc (Hons.) in Animal Biology.  My dissertation was a study into the reintroduction of wild boar to England.  Since then, I have worked mostly in schools, carrying out administrative and science roles.  I have also worked in a veterinary practice as a trainee vet nurse.

My work experience lies mainly in customer service and administration and my interests continue to be science, wildlife and conservation.  I am slightly obsessed with recycling and environmental issues and can often be seen acting as the ‘plastic police’ around my friends and family.