NBN Atlas Support Officer

Tel: 0115 850 0175
Email: k.oliver@nbn.org.uk

Role at the NBN

To provide support to the Technical & Data Partner Support Officer.  To help NBN Atlas data providers and users to share and use data effectively.

Core work responsibilities

  • To monitor the NBN Atlas Forum to answer queries, activate accounts and resolve issues.
  • To test new NBN Atlas features and functionality.
  • To ensure that help documentation is up to date and clear.
  • To produce data download reports for data providers.
  • To amend and update the NBN and NBN Atlas websites as and when necessary.
  • To assist with general NBN Atlas queries.

About Katie

As a little girl, I was obsessed with animals and wildlife.  I often lined worms up on the arm of the settee so that they could watch the T.V. with me!  After school, I worked in a bank for a few years and then took some time out to travel around Australasia, where I was bitten by a spider!  Not put off, I decided to commence university and gained a BSc (Hons.) in Animal Biology.  My dissertation was a study into the reintroduction of wild boar to England.  Since then, I have worked mostly in schools, carrying out administrative and science roles.  I have also worked in a veterinary practice as a trainee vet nurse.

My work experience lies mainly in customer service and administration and my interests continue to be science, wildlife and conservation.  I am slightly obsessed with recycling and environmental issues and can often be seen acting as the ‘plastic police’ around my friends and family.