Status: Complete

High-level planning by the SBIF Review Working Group has suggested that identifying and evaluating options can be achieved through four workshops, outlined below, to co-create a design for an improved infrastructure for biological recording. Detailed plans for each workshop will be prepared during Stage 3.

Following consultation with stakeholders we have identified and been in contact with a ‘short list’ of workshop participants based on:

  1. Their availability
  2. Maintaining representation across all sectors, and
  3. Keeping the workshops to a manageable size

Workshop Assumptions

Each workshop is being individually tailored for its own subject but they are all guided by the following set of assumptions:

  • That we will achieve full coverage of Scotland with data and services available for everywhere from anywhere
  • That we are seeking to maximise the step changes that can be achieved for collective benefit
  • That each workshop accepts the findings of the prior workshop and our Questionnaire and Interview results
  • That each workshop will produce a useful output to inform subsequent workshops and Review Recommendations
  • That, for the workshops noted, we will be agnostic about people (workshops 1-2), governance (workshops 1-2), funding (workshops 1-3) and technology (workshops 1-4)
  • That, in due course, all stakeholders will act to facilitate the governance and funding models proposed
  • That whatever we recommend could be replicated/desirable in other countries
  • That at least the minimum viable model is fundable

In advance of each workshop we will circulate an agenda and background reading to the participants. All workshops will be held at SNH’s Battleby Conference Centre near Perth. If you are personally keen to be involved in the workshops and wish to volunteer to be added to the ‘reserve’ list please contact Christine Johnston, NBN Scottish Liaison Officer.

For further information about the Workshops please follow the links:

Workshop 1 – Data Flow Options (18-19th September 2017)

Workshop 2 – Service Provision Options (17-18th October 2017)

Workshop 3 – Governance Options (9-10th November 2017)

Workshop 4 – Funding Options (4-5th December 2017)