Status: In Progress

To understand how our biological recording infrastructure is working and to seek ideas on improvements from all stakeholders that would strengthen it further, locally and nationally, as part of Stage 2 we undertook a questionnaire open to all roles and sectors to ask what was working well and less well for everyone. The questionnaire is now closed and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete it – we are delighted to have received 290 responses.

To engage with the most ‘influential and interested’ of our major stakeholders, and to gain their detailed needs and ideas for an improved infrastructure, we held over 40 individual interviews with stakeholders from all roles and sectors. The interviews followed the format of the same set of four questions (what roles do you hold, what systems and processes do you use in carrying out your roles, what problems do you have with these systems and processes, and what is your vision of the future) as the structure for each interview.

To understand how the biodiversity data infrastructure has been reviewed in the past a literature search was conducted.  More information about this search and links to documents sourced can be found in the SBIF Review Archives pages.

Roles and Sectors defined in the Review


  1. Recorder or Data Collector
  2. Verifier or County Recorder
  3. Collection Curator
  4. Recording Group Operator
  5. Recording Scheme Operator
  6. Data Provider
  7. Data Developer
  8. Data User
  9. Service Provider
  10. Service User
  11. Funder
  12. Facilitator


  1. Recorders or Recording Groups
  2. National Recording Schemes
  3. Environmental/conservation Non-Governmental Organisations
  4. Local Environmental Records Centres
  5. Commercial companies and environmental consultancies
  6. Museums, zoos and botanic gardens
  7. Academia and education
  8. Local authorities and national park authorities
  9. National or central government
  10. Cross-sectoral partnership or secretariat organisations

Publishing the questionnaire and interview findings

Analysis of our questionnaire and interview findings is now nearing completion and we will publish the results here as soon as we can.

However, in the meantime, we are able to share the Rich Pictures that have been produced as a result of the interviews. These provide a summary of the views and needs of different roles within the infrastructure.

Follow this link to download the interview Rich Pictures